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Voices features interviews with interesting people from around the world.

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December 2017

On this month's Voices, Chrissie Cochrane talks with a young lady, Asmaa Al-Said, living in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia about her life in that country. We often think we know a lot about this Islamic Kingdom, and much we think we know is wrong. This month's programme attempts to find out about real life in Saudi Arabia.

November 2017

On this month's Voices Chrissie Cochrane talks with Chris Coverdale who for a good number of years now has steadfastly refused to pay tax, based on the fact that the British Government uses money it obtains through tax for what, under the United Nations Charter, are illegal activities using armed force. Chris will explain the legal reasons for his stance and how he has been treated by authority.

Chris will also be our special guest on the Attitude Test on Sunday November 5th at 18:00 UTC on The Global Voice.

October 2017

On this month's Voices, Chrissie Cochrane talks with Nelson Régo found of the website coolblindtech about how he lost his eye sight, the founding of the website and it's aims, and technology in general.

September 2017

On this month's Voices, Chrissie Cochrane talks with Jenny Edwards, Director of the Mental Health Foundation, about the work and aims of the Foundation and about her career.

August 2017

On this special edition of Voices, prior to the solar eclipse which can be seen in much of North America on August 21st, Chrissie Cochrane and Shawn Klein talk with Dr. Henry Winter an astro-physicist whose main interest is the sun, about the Eclipse Soundscapes Project and how you can participate.

July 2017

On this month's Voices, Chrissie talks with two members of staff at the Royal Trinity Hospice, Paula Tindale-Paul, Community Clinical Nurse, and Ian Queenan, One of Trinity Hospice's social workers, about the work of the hospice and their work in particular.

June 2017

This month's Voices is the third part of Chrissie Cochrane's interview with author and musician Christine Malec from Canada.

May 2017

This month's program is Part 2 of my talk with Canadian author and musician Christine Malec - this time dealing with her music.

April 2017

On this month's Voices, Chrissie Cochrane brings you part 1 of her talk with Canadian musician and author Christine Malec. This month we learn about her career: in May we will hear about her music, and in June we'll learn about her new book just published.

March 2017

On this month's Voices, Chrissie Cochrane talks with someone who is very well-known in the blindness technology field: Jonathan Mosen. Spend a half hour with Jonathan and Chrissie and find out about Jonathan's life and career.

February 2017

On this month's Voices, Chrissie Cochrane talks with Harry Mason, current chairman of the Accessible Friends Network, about the network and about his own career.

January 2017

On This month's Voices, Chrissie Cochrane talks with Saha Jamal, an Afghan refugee now living in London. We talk about how he is finding life in a big city, and life in Afghanistan.

December 2016

On this month's Voices, Chrissie talks with Martin Roberts in charge of sales and support for the Humanware family of products. We talk about what's new from Humanware and Martin's career.

Please note: due to circumstances beyond our control, Martin Roberts will be unable to join us for The Attitude Test this Sunday, as announced on last week's show. We hope to re-arrange his joining us on the show for early in the new year. There'll be a further announcement regarding the date nearer the time.

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