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Welcome To The Global Voice.

the Global Voice brings together an international team of broadcasters, producers and radio journalists to present for you a wide range of entertaining and informative programs.

The Attitude Test Now Uses Zoom in place of TeamTalk and Skype

Due to reliability issues with Skype, we have decided to replace both Skype and TeamTalk with an application called Zoom, for live participation on The Attitude Test.

For information about how to download and install Zoom, join us in The Attitude Test meeting room and for details about how to subscribe to The Attitude Test podcast, go to
The Attitude Test Page

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TGV Productions

Are you a song writer, a musician, or perhaps a poet who might like their verse set to music? Then TGV Productions can help you in many ways.
Find out more about TGV Productions

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If you're interested in hosting your own show, either live or pre-recorded, The Global Voice could be the place for you to broadcast it. Whether sighted, or visually impaired, we'd love to hear from you
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Giving us details of the type of show you would like to present, whether it would be live or pre-recorded and your contact information.

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