Same Time, Same Station

Presented by John and Larry Gassman

Airs Sunday at 12:00 UTC, repeats Wednesday at 22:00 UTC

A program in which we play shows from the golden age of radio and interview radio stars and others who are publishing new books about the people who took part in the wonderful medium of radio in it's golden days.

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Last updated: Sunday, 31 May 2020

This week we salute Mercedes McCambridge part 2.

The Great Gildersleeve: 02/08/1942 ep024: Auto Mechanics.
Plays For Americans: 03/15/1942 (07): A Letter At Midnight With Lieutenant James Stewart. Written and Directed by Arch Oboler.
Red Ryder: 04/04/1942 (27): Bank Robbery.
Suspense: 12/15/1942: Till Death Do Us Part with Peter Lorre.

If you would like to request shows, call: +1 714 449-1958.

Same Time, Same Station is in 2 parts.

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