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The Great Destinations Radio Show presents a mix of features, on-location reports, reviews and expert interviews to inspire curious and interested travellers. Each week we share stories and travel tips from two professional travellers - a travel blogger and a travel writer. There's a weekly segment on staycations, hobby holidays and travel technology, too.

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12 August 2017

On this week's show:

Keri Jones visits Baden Baden in Germany’s Black Forest area. The Romans settled here after discovering the town’s thermal waters. In the 19th century, aristocrats from all over Europe travelled to this well-heeled town’s baths and Baden Baden became Europe’s summertime capital. Baden Baden had the same status as Paris. Keri experiences the baths and explore this pleasant town parks, art galleries and opera hall.

Palm Springs - The city of Palm Springs has been a popular holiday destination for residents of nearby Los Angeles for almost a century. And although it started as a health resort in the early 1900’s, it was the A-list stars from Hollywood who really put it on the map. Keri spoke to Mary-Jo Ginther from the Palm Springs Tourist Board who started by telling him why the city was so popular with the stars.

Turkmenistan - The former Soviet republic of Turkmenistan in Central Asia isn't on most people’s travel list. In fact, the country issued just 990 tourist visas in 2015! Does that mean there’s nothing to see there? Not according to travel author Simon Proudman, who offers tips on visiting the country in his new Far Flung Travel Places Guide. There’s a natural site better than the Grand Canyon and a burning gas field.

Antarctica - Antarctica is the last, great wilderness left on Earth, but it’s becoming increasingly popular as a destination. The number of visitors increased by almost 20% last year, with most arriving by ship. And the number of activities you can take part in while you’re there is also expanding. Keri spoke to Simon Evans from Chimu Adventures, who specialise in travel to the region. He told me that not all ships serving the Antarctic are the same, and you need to choose carefully.

Eigg - If you want to get away from the monotony of mainland life, You’ll find the Scottish isle of Eigg (said Egg) an alternative worth pursing, Laraine (correct spelling) Wyn-Jones moved from Shropshire with her partner to start an outdoor activity centre. Keri chats to her about what visitors can enjoy on this Inner Hebrides island.

South African National Parks - Thoughts of seeing zebra, cheetah or giraffe roam freely across vast plains dotted with thorn trees might be on your bucket list. South Africa’s most famous national park is Kruger but Author Roxanne Reid has other ideas. She’s written a book about the 22 Parks and she explains that there’s a varied offering.

5 August 2017

In this week's show:

Houston, Texas - Keri Jones visits Houston, Texas. This is America’s 4th largest city, a sprawling high rise metropolis filled with art, cultural attractions and fine restaurants. It’s home to Nasa’s Visitor centre, which Keri tours. He also takes attends a true Texan event, Houston’s annual rodeo. - How to get cheaper flights and see more of the world! is a flight search engine which helps you break your journey with stopovers. Keri spoke with founder Ela Bader .

Cycling In Ireland - Ireland isn't somewhere you’d immediately associate with a cycling holiday but that could be about to change. Keri spoke to Karl Bradshaw of
about how the country is making touring on two wheels much more attractive to visitors. Karl suggests some itineraries.

Budapest - Budapest has become one of the most popular cities for weekend breaks in Europe. That’s been helped by low prices and plenty of cheap flights. But what is there to see and do once you’re there? Keri spoke to Naomi Nathalie from the popular Probe Around the Globe travel blog to discover why she’s visited three times already.

Columbia - Julian Hatfeld is a fan of Colombia! The Australia based travel blogger has been there 3 times and you can read his reports and see his pictures on
Jules is particularly fond of the 16th century Caribbean port city of Cartenga. He tells us why.

China - Are you intrigued by China but nervous about travelling there independently? You’re not alone! The language and cultural differences make Chinese travel a challenge. Alex Seigel has tried to simplify the process with his tour company, The Dragon Trip. He tells Keri about his favourite places to visit, including the world heritage site-the Terracotta Army statues.

29 July 2017

In this week's show:

Rotorua, New Zealand - Keri Jones visits Rotorua in the middle of New Zealand’s north island. It was the country’s first tourist destination. In the Victorian era, Europeans sailed for months to reach a spectacular land formation. The area contained colourful lakeside terraces that were formed by minerals in hot springs. Keri discovers why they were so special and learns about the tragic event that destroyed them. He visits a modern-day Pompeii, too. Steam rises through the ground with Rotorua’s geothermal activity, so we’ll tour a thermal park to see (and smell!) geysers and hot springs. Rotorua has a strong Maori culture so Keri visits an attraction devoted to Maori traditions before he’s terrified by a performance of the haka. Rotorua is also a centre for activity sports and Keri visits a zip lining adventure course where exhilaration and conservation go hand in hand. Later, he walks amongst the treetops in a redwood forest and as he learns about a new activity of rolling down a hillside in a giant ball filled with water!

Thuringia - British travellers probably wouldn't recognise the German state of Thuringia, located just above Bavaria and close to the Czech border. But it’s played a big role in shaping both German and British history over the years. It was the birthplace of Queen Victoria’s grandmother and a favourite holiday spot for her husband, Prince Albert. Keri spoke to Barbara Geier of the Thuringia Tourist Board to find out why you should follow in Albert’s footsteps and add the area to your must-visit list.

Brit’s Abroad, Andalucía Hills - In Brits Abroad, we talk to expats who have set up travel businesses in popular tourist destinations. This week, I speak to Diana Beach, who owns Hotel Los Castaños, an award-winning boutique hotel set in the beautiful rural Andalucia countryside, 17km from the bustling tourist centre of Ronda.

Christmas Market In Lapland. - Many Brits have visited the Christmas markets in Europe. How about travelling to Swedish Lapland to the town of Jokkmokk (yok-mok) for special festive shopping. You’ll be able to buy handicrafts from the indigenous Sami people and there’s a chance to learn about their culture.

An Island Paradise In Cambodia! - Our guest Travel Blogger Sheree Hooker tells us about the remote Cambodian island that she believes is the closest she’s been to paradise!

Real Ghost Towns! - Do you fancy spending Halloween in a real ghost town in Colorado? Or any night, for that matter?! Keri speaks with Jennifer Bartlett-Alpert of about the state’s many ghost towns.

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