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The Attitude Test

The Attitude Test is a weekly program on which we discuss, but often stray from, a given topic. Listeners are very welcome to join in the discussion or raise a topic of their own.

Important note: When using TeamTalk on The Attitude Test, Please ensure that you set TeamTalk to use a feature called Push to Talk. This feature will ensure that you only send audio live to air when you hold down the assigned key, e.g. the Control key. When you release the key, your audio will not be heard by other participants or the listeners. If using Skype, please ensure that you mute your microphone when not contributing to the show. Doing this will ensure that unwanted background noise is not broadcast.

You can participate in Sunday's live edition of the show using Skype at
with TeamTalk and going to
by email at
or by Twitter

How to Download, Install and Set Up TeamTalk for The Attitude Test

1. Download the TeamTalk software from
The TeamTalk Downloads Page

Hint: Once on the Downloads page, to quickly get to the section where you select the distribution file for your system, e.g. Windows, Mac etc. press the letter H repeatedly till you get to the Downloads heading and arrow down through the available versions to find the one you want to download.

2. Save the Installer file on your computer or run it from the download page whichever you prefer and follow the prompts.

Important note: When asked which type of installation you want to install, it's essential that you choose the Classic Client if you use a screen reader. The alternative version of the TeamTalk Client is "not" accessible. The Classic Client option is the third option down in the list of choices. This list of options is not offered until some way into the installation process but it will be there.

3. When asked if you want to add TeamTalk to the firewall exceptions list, answer "yes".

4. Once installed, run TeamTalk and press F4 to open the settings screen

5. in the General tab, enter your Name, e.g. John Smith. The name you enter here will be used to identify you in the list of those taking part in the conversation.

6. Press Control+tab three times to go to the "Sound System" tab and move through the items on this page using the tab key. Uncheck any items that are currently checked. this isn't absolutely essential, it's simply our suggestion.

7. Tab to the OK button and press enter or the spacebar.

8. To make it easier for those wishing to join us on The Attitude Test, we've made available a small file that you can place anywhere you like on your computer, e.g. on the desktop, which when activated, will open the TeamTalk client and take you directly to The Attitude Test Channel. To download the zip file Which contains the file called "
Click Here

9. Copy the file contained in the zip file to any location on your computer in order to use it.

10. If you want TeamTalk scripts for your screen reader, or other accessability information about TeamTalk, go to
The TeamTalk Accessability Page

How to subscribe to The Attitude Test podcast

For podcatchers like Juice or the Accessible Podcatcher
For ITunes

For Podcatchers like Juice or The Accessible Podcatcher

To subscribe to The Attitude Test podcast, simply add the following information to your RSS/podcatcher software, as a new feed and you're set to go!

For ITunes

To subscribe to The Attitude Test podcast using ITunes, do the following:

1. Copy the following line of text to the clipboard.

2. go to the ITunes window and press the alt key to bring up the "File" menu.

3. Down arrow to "Subscribe To Podcast" and press "Enter".

4. Paste the line of text you copied to the clipboard in step 1 into the edit box.

5. Tab to the OK button and press enter. That's it, You're subscribed.

Thanks for listening

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Last updated 23 July 2017

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